Zagreb Triumphs Over Osijek in a Tense 3-1 Victory at MEVZA Tournament

In a thrilling rematch of last year’s Croatian league final, defending champions HAOK Mladost Zagreb faced off against MOK Mursa Osijek in Amstetten during the third tournament of the MEVZA season. Following a loss to hosts VCA Amstetten NÖ, Zagreb was eager to recapture some points. They gained a modest early advantage in the first set, leading 11-8. However, Osijek fought back, tying the set at 19-19 in the crucial phase.

Osijek momentarily edged ahead at 21-22, prompting a strategic time-out by Zagreb’s head coach, Ratko Peris. His motivational words spurred Zagreb to avert a set point by Osijek and snatch the set 26-24 with their first opportunity. In the day’s second set, Zagreb consistently maintained a slight lead over Osijek. Despite Osijek leveling the score at 23-23 and earning the first set point, Zagreb resiliently defended and Osijek eventually clinched the set 26-24 on their second attempt.

The third set saw Osijek initially taking the lead, but Zagreb quickly matched them at 11-11, resetting the competition. Like the previous sets, Osijek reached the set point first, but Zagreb’s steadfast defense turned the tables, enabling them to capture the set 26-24.

Entering the fourth set with a 2-1 lead, Zagreb was determined to clinch the victory. They came out strongly, extending their lead to 20-10. Maintaining their momentum, Zagreb triumphed in the set with a convincing 25-13 win, securing a 3-1 victory over Osijek.