Workshop on stress management to conclude second series of webinars

CEV, Luxembourg. “Inhale Strength, Exhale Stress”: the Secretary of the European Medical Commission (EMC), Dr Zoran Nikolovski will deliver this coming Thursday, September 3, a lecture whose content will not only help coaches and physical education teachers working with young Volleyball players, but all of us who, one way or the other, have to deal with stress in their daily lives. 

With a wealth of expertise in sports medicine, including years he spent working in Barcelona as well as at the elite Aspire Academy in Doha, Qatar, Dr Nikolovski is a former Volleyball player and actual coach of underage girls in Kastela, Croatia, while working as an Assistant Professor at the Kinesiology Faculty of the Split University. 

During our daily activities, from time to time we can be “under stress” – but what does it mean to us and to those around us? Dr Nikolovski will review stress management, and share special techniques we can use every day to reduce stress and even improve our overall health.

Dr Nikolovski’s lecture concludes the second series of webinars organised by the CEV Technical and Development Department, attended by hundreds of people from across Europe and even far beyond. 

If you have not already signed up, please make sure you do so via the following link: The webinar will start at 2 pm CEST, with all attendees receiving the relevant link to the Zoom conference beforehand.

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