Webinar on international transfers and disputes coming up on Monday, August 31

CEV, Luxembourg. To continue with actions supporting the education of all stakeholders, the CEV will be hosting next Monday, August 31, a webinar focusing on the procedures to follow for the management of international transfers and disputes. This initiative comes at the right time, with the 2020-2021 season just about to start and clubs / National Federations busy with a number of administrative tasks that they have to perform in the best and most efficient way for their activities to run as smoothly as possible. 

“When players move from one country to another and wish to play Volleyball, they are required to have an International Transfer Certificate (ITC). Moreover, following the need for a dispute resolution process and in accordance with the FIVB Sports Regulations, the FIVB has delegated its competence and powers to the CEV so that the Confederation can resolve disputes involving European players, coaches and clubs. This webinar will help those looking to go through these procedures,” says CEV Transfers and Legal Coordinator Apostolos Gogakos, who will be leading the session.  

The webinar will start at 10 am CEST and run via Zoom, with a maximum of 300 participants. The relevant link to the video conference is available here.

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