Triumphant Hat-trick: MÁV Elöre Foxconn’s Unbeaten Streak Continues in Székesfehérvár

MÁV Elöre Foxconn demonstrated impeccable form as they secured their third consecutive victory in the MEVZA Men’s Middle European League’s regular season at Székesfehérvár. The Hungarian powerhouse, led by coach Zoltán Dávid, showcased their dominance by overcoming the Croatian team, Mursa Osijek, in a four-set match.

In a crucial third-round encounter at the VOK Sportcsarnok, the leaders of the league, MÁV Elöre Foxconn, faced off against Mursa Osijek, a team yet to score in the tournament. Despite Mursa’s struggle, partly attributed to missing their captain and key player Tino Busak Vidakovic, the Croatian side’s spirit was not entirely diminished. MÁV Elöre entered the fray with high confidence, having decisively defeated the Slovakian Extraliga’s top contenders in their previous outings.

Implementing strategic player rotations, Coach Zoltán Dávid gave Bálint Tomanóczy a rest, while Péter Eke was succeeded by Bence Ambrus, freshly recovered from an ankle injury. Mursa Osijek, maintaining a consistent line-up, engaged fiercely in the first set but ultimately succumbed to the hosts’ tenacity.

The visiting team rallied under Mario Teppert’s leadership, claiming the third set, but MÁV Elöre’s adaptability shone through. They quickly regained composure and delivered a decisive fourth set, extending their impressive unbeaten run to eleven matches this season.

The match concluded with both Danilo Vukovic of Mursa Osijek and Christian Janke of MÁV El?re Foxconn earning top scorer accolades, each amassing 17 points.

As the MEVZA Middle European League progresses towards mid-February, the anticipation builds with each team vying for a spot in the top four, ensuring their place in the semi-finals.

Scoreline: MÁV Elöre Foxconn 3MOK Mursa Osijek 1 (25-23, 25-17, 21-25, 25-22)

Venue: Székesfehérvár, VOK Sportcsarnok

MÁV Elöre Foxconn: Szabó, Ambrus, Eke, Koci, Pesti, Janke. Substitutes: Takács (libero), Szentesi (libero), Boa, Tomanóczy, Péter, Fazekas, Sebestyén, Dileo. Head Coach: Zoltán Dávid.

MOK Mursa Osijek: Vukovic, Ivancic, Dirlic, Giljanovic, Viloria, Perillus. Substitutes: Beceheli (libero), Dugandzic (libero), Sunjo, Skugor, Sos, Busak Vidakovic, Verasto. Head Coach: Mario Teppert.

Flash Quotes:

Zoltán Dávid, Head Coach, MÁV Elöre Foxconn:
“Our opponents were formidable, but their recent performance didn’t reflect their true capability. After winning two consecutive matches, a dip in focus is expected, but I’m proud of how we bounced back. The depth of our roster has been our strength, allowing us to make strategic substitutions to maintain our winning momentum.”

Redjo Koci, Captain, MÁV Elöre Foxconn:
“We felt the strain of back-to-back matches, which was evident in the third set. However, we regrouped and executed our game plan successfully to secure the win.”

Mario Teppert, Head Coach, MOK Mursa Osijek:
“The energy and spirit we’ve been searching for resurfaced today. The younger players brought a rejuvenated dynamic to the team, and I commend their effort and team spirit.”

Tino Busak Vidakovic, Captain, MOK Mursa Osijek:
“The initial sets didn’t go our way, but a strategic shift in our line-up ignited a spark. Our young players stepped up, showcasing their potential and team spirit, which makes me incredibly proud.”