The Volleyball Weekly Schedule: Content Release Dates 24 – 30 August

CEV, Luxembourg. We are close to the end of August but this week brings us a lot to look forward to as live events become more and more a common feature of CEV’s weekly schedule. Also, with less than a month to go until Jurmala, Latvia opens its doors to the #EuroBeachVolley and the best teams in Europe, the Drawing of Lots will give the participants and fans worldwide a glimpse of what is to come in September.

The CEV Weekly Schedule: Content Release Dates 24 – 30 August

Monday – 24 August: The Ace Space Podcast: Aleksandrs Samoilovs
Tuesday – 25 August: Classic Match – Eczacibasi Istanbul vs Fenerbahce Istanbul 2020
Wednesday – 26 August: #EuroBeachVolley 2020 Drawing of Lots
Thursday – 27 August: Classic Match – VfB Friedrichshafen vs Vojvodina Novi Sad 2020
Friday – 28 August: Classic Match – Mol A./Sorum C. vs Kantor/Losiak 2019
Saturday – 29 August: LIVE Streaming: World Tour 1-Star Montpellier
Sunday – 30 August: Live Streaming:#EuroVolleyU19W Finals and EuroVolley 2021 Qualifiers Men Group D

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