The 2020/21 MEVZA League edition in full preparation mode

On Monday, January 27, the MEVZA held a meeting in Maribor’s iconic Draš Center, otherwise also the home of OK Nova KBM Branik, between MEVZA, MEVZA clubs and Genius’ representatives.

One of the meetings main topics was the review of the current season that will conclude with the upcoming final fours in February for women and March for men. GEN-I Volley is hosting the women’s event in Nova Gorica on the 8th and 9th of February, while URW Waldviertel the men’s on 4th and 5th of March in their hall in Zwettl.

During the review of the current season, the active partnerships were looked into. Acknowledged and praised was the cooperation with the media partner Sportlive, who is covering the MEVZA League. Together with Genius the live streaming function was analyzed and agreed on implementing a few improvements for the future. Presented were also MEVZA’s website and social media channels, where the association is now active on both Facebook and Instagram, using the platforms to bring the sport and its players and teams closer to its communities.

Last, but not least was the discussion about the next, 2020-21 season. MEVZA’s Secretary General, Ivan Iro presented the prepared competition system including a timeline and a calendar, where the desired and ideal number of competing teams is 12, however is ready to accommodate any amount between 7 and 12.