Sokol/Post claim 26th Austrian national cup title

On Saturday, VB NÖ Sokol/Post claimed the Austrian women’s Volley Cup title for a record 26th time. At the local Stadthalle in Zwettl, the team from Lower Austria needed 72 minutes only to thump TI-wellwasser®-volley 3-0 (25-20, 25-15, 25-21).

This was the fifth attempt at a first national cup title for the players from Innsbruck – and for the fifth time they failed against the record champions. On the way to the final, TI-volley had beaten Steelvolleys LINZ-STEG, winners of the national league and national cup in 2021, and VC Tirol, among others – i.e. the teams that have dominated the regular season of the Austrian national league.

Sokol/Post only made it into the final on Thursday evening after turning a 2-0 deficit at UVC Holding GRAZ. Such an intense game did not seem to have drained too much energy from the Lower Austrians, as they were the better team in almost every element in Zwettl: attack points 43 to 35 (ratio 39% to 32%), block points 11 to 4, reception 62% to 41%, own errors 12 to 17 and aces 4 to 5. Top scorers were eventual MVP Aida Mehic (15), Diana Mitrengova (11), Lucia Miksikova and Monika Chrtianska (10 each) for the winners; Martyna Walter (12), Elisa Caria (11), Verena Janka (7) and Aleksandra Omelaniuk (6) set the pace for the runners-up.

Later this month, the winners of the Austrian cup will be playing host to the Final Four of the MEVZA League.

CEV – European Volleyball
ÖVV – Volleyball Austria