TJ Spartak Myjava Secures a Resilient Victory Against MOK Mursa Osijek in MEVZA Men’s League Clash

In a captivating match at the MEVZA Men’s Middle European League Tournament 1 in Székesfehérvár, Slovakian team TJ Spartak Myjava clinched a decisive victory over their Croatian rivals, MOK Mursa Osijek.

Despite the absence of their captain, the Croatian team initially took the lead, securing the first set by a narrow three-point margin at the VOK Sportcsarnok. The momentum, however, shifted in the second set, marking a crucial turning point in the match. From that moment, Myjava, the Slovakian bronze medalists, took the reins, demonstrating superior control and strategy to clinch the match with a comfortable lead.

The final score stood at MOK Mursa Osijek 1, TJ Spartak Myjava 3, with set scores of 25-22, 21-25, 22-25, 20-25, highlighting Myjava’s remarkable comeback after the initial setback.

Reflecting on the match, Mario Teppert, the head coach of MOK Mursa Osijek, acknowledged their strong start and control in the early stages. “We were on top of our game in the second set, but we lost focus as the match progressed, which cost us the last two sets and the ability to execute our game plan effectively,” he commented.

Tino Busak Vidakovic, the absent captain of MOK Mursa Osijek, remarked on his team’s performance, “Our team, young and coping with injuries, definitely felt my absence. Despite a strong start in the first set, we slipped into technical errors. Myjava took the lead and dictated the pace throughout. There’s much for us to work on, but congratulations to them.”

On the other side, Vitalii Osipov, head coach of TJ Spartak Myjava, expressed pride in his team’s performance against a formidable opponent. “Last year, Osijek defeated us 0-3, so this victory is significant. We’ve improved since our last encounter and, while luck played a part, I am immensely proud of our team’s effort,” Osipov stated.

Dominik Valo, captain of TJ Spartak Myjava, shared his strategic insights, “After dropping the first set, we knew we had to intensify our efforts, and we did just that. Our focus sharpened with each set, and the team’s commitment was evident. We’re thrilled to secure these 3 points.”