Mladost secure CEV Cup semi-final spot after dominant Golden Set win

The women’s team of Mladost ZAGREB has reached the semis of the women’s CEV Cup – thus accounting for a truly historic success and their greatest achievement in international competitions since the club’s golden era back in the 90s.


The emotions run high after Mladost win the decisive Golden Set


Mladost had won the first matchup scheduled for the quarterfinals (3-2) last week in Poland. Even though they lost by the same score to LKS Commercecon LODZ at home, they rose to the occasion in the Golden Set – which they won 15-11 to secure their spot in the semis. The home fixture coincided with the international debut of the only 15-year-old setter Lorena Marija Sesar, daughter of the famous Croatian basketball player Josip.

Leonard Baric, head coach of Mladost ZAGREB: “It was a magnificent match and real thriller, as we lost the fifth set but we came back to dominate and win the Golden Set. We showed that we have a quality team and that we can challenge any team in Europe. The Polish team fought until the end and they were a tough opponent. We will now play against STUTTGART or SCHWERIN – and we hope to win those two matches as well.”

Mladost captain Klara Peric in action during the home match with LKS Commercecon LODZ


“I am so excited about this win – it is a huge thing for our team! I want to thank my teammates; we played as a team and gave all our heart. We played very good Volleyball, the opponents did so as well – but I am just so happy for our club and would like to thank everyone that has helped make this happen.”

Klara Peric
Setter and captain of Mladost ZAGREB


Paulina Maj-Erwardt, captain of LKS Commercecon LODZ: “Congratulations to the team of Mladost. They played amazing today and they were the better team. I am very sorry for my team and especially for our fans who had made the journey to Croatia and did not witness a happy end to this match. We must close this chapter and focus on our national league and the goals we wish to achieve there.”

Klaudia Alagierska, player of LKS Commercecon LODZ: “It is hard to say something about this match. Our opponents played very well; we put pressure with our serve and did well with our block and defence but it was not enough to defeat them. I am sad because we were close to reaching the semis but congratulations to Mladost.”

CEV – European Volleyball
HOS – Volleyball Croatia


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