Youth Beach Volleyball MEVZA Championships 2023: Dynamic Kickoff in Portorož and Koper

The picturesque towns of Portorož and Koper are this year’s proud hosts of the second MEVZA Youth Beach Volleyball Championships in 2023. Launching with an intriguing group stage, the tournament has paved a clear path to the quarterfinals for the triumphant teams. Meanwhile, those landing in second and third positions will spar in an additional round for the opportunity to compete in the quarterfinals.

Despite the challenging windy conditions, the competition has witnessed a slew of thrilling matches across all categories, setting the tone for an exciting championship ahead.

Here are the triumphant teams that topped their respective groups:

U18 Women Group Winners:

Group A: Donko/Ferlež, Slovenia (SLO) Group B: Kodrun/Blatnik, Slovenia (SLO) Group C: Gonzalez/Lavie, Israel (ISR) Group D: Breuer/Szabo, Hungary (HUN)

U18 Men Group Winners:

Group A: Juvan/Šišteršic, Slovenia (SLO) Group B: Meyer/Writz, Austria (AUT) Group C: Tari/Veress, Hungary (HUN) Group D: Hidekel Yari/Day, Israel (ISR)

U20 Women Group Winners:

Group A: Rethelyi/Uhlmann, Hungary (HUN) Group B: Vasvari/Kun, Hungary (HUN) Group C: Honti/Majoros/Gubik, Hungary (HUN) Group D: Terze/Rašic, Croatia (CRO)

U20 Men Group Winners:

Group A: Nedzeky/Holzinger, Austria (AUT) Group B: Kitzmuller/Pfaser, Austria (AUT) Group C: Sohinko/Kuliš, Czech Republic (CZE) Group D: Klemen/Sponer, Austria (AUT)

As the championship continues to unfold, spectators eagerly anticipate the next round, where teams will demonstrate their skills and resilience in their pursuit of the coveted championship title.