Stormy Second Day of MEVZA Youth Beach Volleyball Championship 2023 Witnesses Heated Elimination Rounds

The second day of the MEVZA Youth Beach Volleyball Championship 2023, taking place in Koper and Portorož, kicked off with the nail-biting elimination phase, featuring showdowns between the teams that placed second and third in their respective groups. The triumphant teams moved forward to the second elimination phase, which, due to an unanticipated storm, was delayed by an hour.

As the day progressed, the competition grew fiercer with teams vying for a spot in the semifinals. The intensity of the matches was mirrored by the high emotions on display and the incredible points earned on the sandy court.

After a day marked by thrilling rallies and strategic gameplay, the following teams proved their mettle and advanced to the semifinals:

U18 Women’s Semifinalists: Breuer/Szabo (HUN), Blatnik/Kodrun (SLO), Donko/Ferlež (SLO), Gonzalez/Lavie (ISR)

U18 Men’s Semifinalists: Meier/Writz (AUT), Tari/Veress (HUN), Juvan/Šušteršic (SLO), Drager/Krunberger (AUT)

U20 Women’s Semifinalists: Tomasova M./Kubištova (CZE), Honti/Majoros/Gubik (HUN), Vasvari/Kun (HUN), Tomasova A./Kobližkova (CZE)

U20 Men’s Semifinalists: Klemen/Sponer (AUT), Borbely/Niemeier (HUN), Nedzky/Holzinger (AUT), Kitzmuller/Pfaser (AUT)

As the championship continues, anticipation builds for the semifinals where these elite teams will battle it out under the sun for a place in the finals.