MEVZA Season Opener in Slovenia for VCA Amstetten NÖ

LJUBLJANA – VCA Amstetten NÖ is set to embark on their journey in the Central European Volleyball League (MEVZA), with the season opener taking place in Kamnik, just north of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. The team faces a challenging start with back-to-back matches against the formidable hosts OK Calcit Kamnik on Tuesday, followed by a showdown with Croatia’s OK Ribola Kastela on Wednesday.

Michael Henschke, the Sports Director of VCA, emphasized the value of these high-caliber matches in the team’s development. “Facing such quality opponents early in the MEVZA league is an excellent opportunity for our team to grow. The league’s format, with four tournaments in the preliminary round, really aligns with our focus on enhancing our gameplay rather than fixating on immediate results,” he stated.

Both opponents have been in impressive form in their respective domestic leagues. Kamnik, last year’s Slovenian runners-up, boasts an unblemished record of eight straight-set victories, while Kastela holds a strong third position in the Croatian league with only one defeat in seven games.

“As underdogs in these matchups, the first tournament will be a real litmus test for us. We recently proved our mettle against Waldviertel in the Austrian Cup, and I’m optimistic about delivering some competitive sets in Slovenia. In our current situation, every point we earn feels like a triumph,” Henschke added.

The team, however, will face these challenges without two key players. Adam Provaznik is still on the mend, while captain Yousri Anegay recently sustained an injury in the cup match against Waldviertel. Their absence puts additional pressure on coach Tomas Galimberti to navigate this initial phase of the season.