Merkur Maribor Triumphs Over Ribola Kastela in MEVZA League Showdown

During the opening match of the triple-header at the 4th MEVZA league tournament in Kastela, VC Ribola Kastela faced a tough 1:3 defeat against the favored Slovenian squad, Merkur Maribor. Ivan Rancic, the head coach of VC Ribola Kastela, extended his congratulations to the Maribor team, acknowledging their quality and experience, which, in his view, positions them as strong contenders for the MEVZA finals. Despite the loss, Rancic expressed satisfaction with his young team’s performance, especially in the first three sets, highlighting their tenacity and effort in each play. He sees this experience as a significant gain for his team, promising to leverage it in the upcoming championship. The team now looks forward to a brief rest before their next match against Osijek Mursa.

Sebastian Skorc, the head coach of VC Merkur Maribor, remarked on the challenging start, praising the aggressive play by Kastela in service and attack that initially put his team on the back foot. However, Merkur Maribor eventually seized control, demonstrating their skill and teamwork to secure the victory. Skorc lauded his team for their performance and the crucial three points earned.

The tournament continues with VC Mursa facing VC Merkur Maribor on February 14th at 5:30 pm, followed by a match between VC Ribola Kastela and VC Mursa on Thursday, February 15, also starting at 5:30 pm.