MÁV Elöre Foxconn Clinches Second Victory in MEVZA League at Székesfehérvár

MÁV Elöre Foxconn continued their winning streak in the first tournament of the MEVZA Men’s Middle European League, triumphing over another Slovakian team in a gripping four-set match in Székesfehérvár.

The much-anticipated clash took place at the VOK Sportcsarnok on a vibrant Wednesday afternoon. MÁV Elöre’s head coach Zoltán Dávid strategically rested star player Vilmos Szabó in favor of Argentinian setter Tomas Dileo. This strategic change didn’t deter the Hungarian team, as they dominated the first set with ease.

However, the match witnessed a dramatic turn. MÁV Elöre faced a challenging five-point lag in the second set and struggled with a ten-point deficit in the third. Despite a complete line-up overhaul, the Hungarians couldn’t reverse the tide, allowing the Slovakian side to narrow the gap.

Determined to regain control, coach Zoltán Dávid introduced fresh substitutions in the fourth set. These changes rejuvenated the team, enhancing their defensive and offensive play. MÁV Elöre steadily built their lead and sealed the last set 25-18, marking their second consecutive victory in the MEVZA Men’s Middle European League.

Standout performers of the match included TJ Spartak Myjava’s Tobias Viskup, who scored an impressive 22 points. Christian Janke, Redjo Koci, and Marcell Pesti led the charge for MÁV El?re Foxconn with 19, 18, and 11 points, respectively.

Final Score: MÁV Elöre Foxconn (HUN) vs. TJ Spartak Myjava (SVK) 3-1 (25-20, 25-23, 15-25, 25-18)

Venue: Székesfehérvár, VOK Sportcsarnok

Teams Line-Up:

MÁV Elöre Foxconn: Eke, Koci, Tomanóczy, Pesti, Janke, Dileo. Substitutes included Takács (libero), Szentesi (libero), Szabó, Ambrus, Boa, Sebestyén, Fazekas, Szávai. Head Coach: Zoltán Dávid.

TJ Spartak Myjava: Viskup, M. Zeman, Konc, Valo, O. Zeman, B. Skasko. Substitutes were Panko (libero), Ochodnicky (libero), Pollák, L. Skasko, Donets, Hukel. Head Coach: Vitalii Osipov.

Flash Quotes:

Zoltán Dávid, MÁV El?re Foxconn Head Coach: “We faced fatigue issues after back-to-back high-intensity games. Our strategy in the initial sets was on point, but we lost concentration in the third. Subsequent substitutions and tactical adjustments brought us back on track. I’m proud of the team’s resilience and performance.”

Redjo Koci, MÁV El?re Foxconn Captain: “Our first game was draining, and some players are still finding their rhythm. We were tactically sound in the first two sets despite fatigue. The third set was a setback, but we bounced back strongly in the final stretch. It’s vital that we finished strong.”

Vitalii Osipov, TJ Spartak Myjava Head Coach: “We entered the match feeling equally capable of winning. There were moments when we matched the hosts, but they outperformed us in attacks and deserved the victory.”

Dominik Valo, TJ Spartak Myjava Captain: “The opposition was formidable in serves and offensive setups, particularly in position number 4. We aimed to block high balls successfully but were let down by our serves. Our concentration wavered in the final set.”