Maribor vs. Zagreb: A Riveting Volleyball Showdown at Lukna Hall

Maribor’s Nova KBM Branik vs. Zagreb’s HAOK Mladost – A Spirited Volleyball Contest

Referees: Schirmbacher, Petsche (Austria)


  • Nova KBM Branik Maribor: Mlakar, Milosic K., Knezevic, Stampar, Ulrih(L), Lekse, Senekovic, Cikac(L), Farkas, Ramic, Milosic N., Potokar, Tisma; Coach: Ziga Kos.
  • HAOK Mladost Zagreb: Antunovic, Pavicic, Freund, Mihaljevic, Papac, Burdelez, Istuk, Drobac, Smoljan (L), Brasnic (L), Bosnjak, Grabic; Coach: Darko Nojic.

Match Summary:
The match, held at Lukna hall with around 150 spectators, saw an energetic start from Nova KBM Branik. They quickly gained a lead with scores like 4:0 and 7:2. However, HAOK Mladost’s players, led by Antunovic and Mihaljevic, fought back, narrowing the gap to 9:7. Despite a tense moment at 23:22, Branik won the first set 25:23.

In the second set, Branik again took an early lead. Despite a comeback attempt by Mladost, led by Papac, Branik maintained control and won 25:22.

The third set was closely contested. Despite initial errors and a tied score at 15:15, Mladost capitalized on Branik’s mistakes and clinched the set 25:23.

The final set saw Mladost initially leading, but Branik, driven by Nike Milosic, bounced back to win the set 25:22 and the match 3:1.


Branik’s initial dominance and effective counterattacks.

Mladost’s resilience, particularly in the third set.

Crucial performances by Mlakar and Milosic for Branik.

Tactical adjustments by both coaches, particularly in tense moments.

Nova KBM Branik Maribor emerged victorious in a match marked by dramatic swings in momentum and strategic gameplay. Both teams displayed remarkable skill and determination, making it a memorable event for the spectators.