KAMNIK – Calcit Volley defeated Union Reiffeisen Waldviertel 3-1 (-20, 23, 19, 21) in their last match of the regular season in the MEVZA League

Already before the last match, Calcit Volley, who yesterday also had some results in the MEVZA League going in their favour, secured the second place after the regular part of the competition. This means that they will not play ACH Volley in the semi-finals, which was their initial goal. Their opponent will be SK Zadruga Aich/Dob. The Kamnik team wanted to to say goodbye to the regular part of the competition with a good game, which, in the absence of the Luis Sosa Sierra, who today became a happy father, did not quite succeed, but they still recorded their eighth win.

In the opening set, the teams were together until the seventh point, when the guests with Pavel Bartos on the serve, he scored the last point with an ace, escaped with a five-point lead (7:12). Waldviertel, which in the past seasons has often been an uncomfortable opponent for Calcit Volley, got to within seven points after Calcit’s own mistake (9-16). Even after the second time-out by Matija Pleško, the visitors still maintained a seven-point advantage until 11:18, but on the service of Uroš Pavlovi? and a block by Daniel Aponza, Calcit Volley came within a four-point lag (14:18). They were even closer after a successful spike by Nik Mujanovi? (18-20), but after another ace by Bartos, Waldviertel escaped at 18-22 and eventually won the set. The last point was scored by Bartoš.

Even at the start of the second set, Calcit’s play was not very convincing, and it was the visitors who were the first to reach the three-point advantage with Marek Me?iar acing (7-10). Pleško called for a time-out, and this brought his team back into game. Jure Okrogli? scored to tie the game at 11:11. After Waldviertels mistake, Calcit Volley took the lead at 13:12. Until 21st point, Waldviertel kept up with Calcit Volley, but after another of their mistake, Calcit got to a two-point advantage (23:21). It was Uroš Pavlovi? who locked the set with the second set point.

Calcit Volley entered the third set with an encouraging start, when with Uroš Pavlovi?’s serve and Mujanovi?’s attack they took a 3:0 lead. Calcit’s 18-year-old opposite also made sure of the 9:5 lead. They had already escaped by six points, too (16:10), but their was fast cut in half to just three points (17:14). After two errors made by Waldviertel players, Calcit breathed a little easier again (21:17), and a four-point advantage was enough to secure a convincing victory in the third set.

In the fourth set, the guests took a 3:6 lead with a block, and with an ace by Bartos 4:9, so Pleško reacted with a time-out. With a partial score of 4:0 Calcit quickly came close to within a point (8:9). After a new three-point deficit (11:14) they only tied at the 15th point (a mistake by the visitors), and then Pavlovi? was successful in attack for Kamnik’s first lead in the fourth set. For a calmer ending, Jure Okrogli? and Pavlovi? joined their forces (20:17). The home team was a step closer to the final victory after another point by Klobu?ar (22:18). Okrogli? scored the last point of the match.

“The energy was good today. We had a good match, but then we were cut short by one refereeing decision in the opening set, and then it all went downhill. The opponent pressed with their serve, played their game, but in the second set, the guys woke up, Klobu?ar led the team and the others followed. Although we already had second place guaranteed, the guys found the motivation to finish the regular part of the competition with a win. We need to have a winning mentality, no matter who we are up against, and we have to keep it up for the rest of the season”, said Matija Pleško, coach of Calcit Volley.



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