KAMNIK – Calcit Volley defeated Amstetten 3-0 in the first match of the fifth Mevza league

In the first set, the home team of Calcit Volley took a 7-6 lead. The visiting team got into even more trouble on the serve of Uroš Planinši? when the scoreboard showed 16-8 already. Only after the second time-out, Amstetten stopped Calcit’s onrush, but only for a short moment, as the hosting team of Kamnik continued with their dominance.

In the second set, Calcit Volley was the first to reach a slightly bigger advantage when the Amestetten’s attack ended outside the court. Amstetten was back in the game when the score was tied at 11-11, and for the first time in the match, home coach Pleško intervened with the half-minute break. However, the guests’ joy was short-lived, as the hosts again played with more commitment and escaped, but Amstetten did not give up yet. With two consecutive blocks, Amstetten got to 23-22, but after Pleško’s second time-out his tema took advantage of the first one, because the Austrians made mistake with a misplacement on the reception.

In the third set, Calcit Volley led 8-5, but Amstetten first tied the score on the tenth point. They also led 12-14, and kept the advantage until the 17th point, also thanks to poor serving of the home team. Calcit Volley regained the lead when Amstetten’s players touched the net, and with Uroš Pavlovi?’s block they took a two-point lead (21-19). In the playoffs, Mujanovi? secured three match points; two were saved by the Austrians, but not the third one.

Matija Pleško, coach of Calcit Volley: “We won the three points we planned to win, so we are still in the race for the final second place after the regular part of the competition. We will have to win one more game on Thursday if we want to achieve this goal. As for tonight’s game, we allowed ourselves to be a bit sloppy when it came to protecting our spikers, which got us into trouble. It started at the end of the second set, and I would like to see that not happen again in the future”.