Israel Volleyball family ready to tackle present and future challenges

Tel Aviv, Israel. The elections held earlier this summer had resulted in a reshuffling at the helm of the organisation and the members of the new Board of Administration of the Israel Volleyball Association (IVA) have recently convened for their first plenary meeting. 

“I do not like to hear the word survival too many times. Raise your head, think right and by joining forces, we will make sure that we can move things forward,” newly elected IVA President Asher Kaso said. “We are involved in sports and sports teach us to win!”

The meeting unfolded in a very friendly atmosphere. After getting to know the members of the Board and taking photos for the official IVA website, Kaso addressed some words to the attendees. “Over the last two weeks I have met quite a few members of our Volleyball family, from players to coaches, staff, referees and many more in order to listen and learn. I have met wonderful people, full of love and energy to develop and promote the sport at all levels, from young to more senior ones.” 

Kaso discussed the challenges brought by the current global crisis: “The period that we all go through cannot be ignored. The economic challenge and uncertainty that surrounds us in the coronavirus times require from us managerial thought and a sense of responsibility. However, by joining forces, we will make progress and develop the sport even further despite the many difficulties. Each one of us will contribute from his experience and will help us move forward and develop,” Kaso said. “I need your help to leverage together the variety of issues that are important to us all. From the budget to the development of the younger generation, national team coaches and more. I hope our group will be working in harmony and in a professional and considerate way.” 

After the opening remarks by the IVA President, there was a round table and a short discussion where the Board of Administration members raised the issues that are especially close to their hearts. These included budgets for the coming season, the development of young coaches for the future, the provision of the necessary infrastructure to grow the sport, increased national awareness of Volleyball and much more. 

IVA Secretary General Yaniv Noyman provided the BoA with some promising figures. The registration for the 2020-2021 season is very gratifying with an increase of about 12 percent in the numbers – with some 330 teams and 6,000 players involved in indoor Volleyball and about 1,000 in Beach Volleyball. As far as the national league goes, the Israel Volleyball Association is currently waiting for further instructions and a decision from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Health in the coming days in order to know how the competition will take place and run in times where the Volleyball family has to deal with the challenges brought by the pandemic. 

Moreover, Noyman stressed that both the Israeli women’s and men’s national teams have successfully completed a training camp held at the Wingate Institute in Netanya ahead of the CEV EuroVolley 2021 qualifiers due to take place in January.

CEV – European Volleyball
IVA – Israeli Volleyball Association