Hungary are the winner at the U18 MEVZA Championship in Budapest



MEVZA 11-12 August for the U18 age group was held this year in Budapest, at LUPA BEACH.

The weather was kind to the youngsters, with the 12-12 boys and girls pairs competing in ideal weather conditions.

The range of participants was very varied, with Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus and Israel represented.

We are pleased to see and experience that our youngsters are achieving more success every year, which perhaps proves that we are on the right track in terms of our many years of lagging behind in the sport… After Hartberg, our young players were also in the foursome in Budapest. In the boys’ final, two of our talented pairs played. By the girls one.

The opportunities offered to young people at the MEVzA tournaments are very good and a great motivation. A great thank to the Hungarian Volleyball Federation, the Organizer, all Volunteers and the participating teams.

Fotocredit: Ádám Szabó-Jilek [email protected]

Result Girls

1 Honti-Majoros / Kun HUN1
2 Koblizková / Lajkebová CZE1
3 Raab / Loder AUT
4 Lavie / Gonzalez ISR1
5 Kleiblová / Jagelská CZE2
5 Majernikova / Dancova SVK2
7 Pap / Uhlmann HUN2
7 Ioannou / Siapani CYP
9 Slavkova / Schmidtova SVK1
9 Perkovic / Markovic CRO
11 Farkas / Tóth HUN3
11 Rolnick / Danenberg ISR2


Result boys

1 Tari / Veress HUN1
2 Borbély / Polgár HUN2
3 Jericha / Kvicala CZE2
4 Savvidis / Savvides CYP
5 Laufer / Hidekel Yeaary ISR1
5 Sponer / Auer AUT
7 Toufar / Pohl CZE1
7 Devald / Situm CRO
9 Tari / Vincze HUN3
9 Laufer / Goldberg ISR2
11 Brzac / Macko SVK
11 Zeitler / Zrupkó-Várady HUN4