Giuliani expects 16 players at the training camp of team Slovenia in Ljubljana

Photo Credit: Aleš Oblak/OZS

Ljubljana, Slovenia. The head coach of the Slovenia’s men’s team, Alberto Giuliani, has published a list of 16 volleyball players who will be face the challenging eliteof the FIVB Volleyball Nations League in May and defend the silver medal at the CEV EuroVolley in September. The preparations for the national team’s season will start on May 2 in Ljubljana. 

The national team will prepare in Ljubljana for almost four weeks and then test its form in three friendly matches at Stožice Arena, the venue of the unforgettable 2019 CEV EuroVolley. Slovenians will travel to Rimini on May 24, where they will make their historic debut in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League four days later. 

After a month of rest, Guiliani will gather his players on July 25 in Kranjska Gora ahead of the CEV EuroVolley in Poland, Czechia, Finland, and Estonia that they will be contesting in September and trying to reach for another top-level result. 

Photo Credit: Aleš Oblak/OZS

Team Slovenia 2021

Setters: Dejan Vincic (VfB Friedrichshafen, GER), Gregor Ropret (ACH Volley Ljubljana, SLO), Gregor Pernuš (ACH Volley Ljubljana, SLO)

Opposites: Toncek Štern (Kioene Padova, ITA), Mitja Gasparini (Calcit Volley, SLO)

Outside hitters: Tine Urnaut (Allianz Milano, ITA), Klemen Cebulj (Asecco Resovia Rzeszow, POL), Alen Šket (OK Merkur Maribor, SLO), Žiga Štern (Foinikas Sirou, GRE), Jan Klobucar (Calcit Volley, SLO), Rok Možic (OK Merkur Maribor, SLO)

Middle blockers: Alen Pajenk (Stade Poitevin, FRA), Jan Kozamernik (Allianz Milano, ITA), Sašo Štalekar (Calcit Volley, SLO), Matic Videcnik (ACH Volley Ljubljana, SLO)

Libero: Jani Kovacic (Consar Ravenna, ITA)

OZS – Volleyball Federation of Slovenia
FIVB – Volleyball World
CEV – European Volleyball


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