FIVB publishes return to Volleyball and Beach Volleyball guidelines

Lausanne, Switzerland. The FIVB Medical Commission, has developed guidelines to help Continental Confederations, National Federations and National Leagues create a safe environment to restart volleyball and beach volleyball activities, but only if permitted by local health and government authorities.

The guidelines, though not intended to replace local public health guidance, are an extensive set of best practice health and safety measures. These measures are designed to inform, guide and assist the global Volleyball Family in mitigating the risk to all participants in the planning and delivery of volleyball and beach volleyball events amid COVID-19.

In particular, the guidelines stress the importance of rigorous planning in cooperation with local health authorities and medical experts prior to and during an event, especially when considering fan attendance. This includes reviewing the necessary social distancing protocols at competition venues and training facilities and implementing meticulous sanitisation measures, both in the venue and on court. Meanwhile, participating teams are advised to establish a consistent COVID-19 testing plan and minimise physical contact between rallies.

In addition, specific guidelines are provided for technical officials, such as sanitising the ball between rallies, ensuring that opposing teams are adequately distanced when changing ends after each set and eliminating the handshake before and after matches.

The return to volleyball COVID-19 safety guidelines for Continental Confederations,National Federations and National Leagues can be downloaded here.

The return to beach volleyball COVID-19 safety guidelines for Continental Confederations,National Federations  and event organisers can be downloaded here.

FIVB – Volleyball World