First ever international Beach Volleyball Club Competition
at the MEVZA Beach Volleyball Club Championships in

From February 17 th to 19 th , 2023, Beach Volleyball clubs from five countries (Austria,
Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary) will meet at the MEVZA Beach
Volleyball Club Championships in Vienna. The tournament takes place in the Indoor
Beach Volleyball national team facility of the Austrian Beach Volleyball national teams in
MAXX Sportcenter, Vienna.
Frane Zanic, Sportdirector MEVZA: “I´m so proud and happy that MEVZA is organizing this
historical tournament in Beach Volleyball for the clubs. It´s the first time in history that we
have this kind of competition. I hope that we will have many more tournaments for the clubs
in the future. I´m happy that we can show our partners in the world that we are in a good
progress and that we can give the players the opportunity to compete with their clubs against
other clubs. I want to thank the organizer and Austrian Volleyball Federation – one of our
main partners in the MEVZA – and I hope that the players will enjoy the tournament.”
The competition is played in a club vs club format where each Beach Volleyball club
participates with 2 teams and a delegation of minimum 4 and maximum 12 athletes.
The match club vs club consists of two games played by teams of each club. Each game is
played through 2 sets to 21 points. If there is a tie after these two games a golden set to 21
points decides the match. The clubs have the opportunity to swap team partners in order to
send a completely new constellation onto the field for the next game.
The Austrian Volleyball Federation is the proud first organizer of the premiere of the MEVZA
Beach Volleyball Club Championships. A men’s competition is taking place in Vienna. The
women’s competition will be played a month later in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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