European Cups Drawing of Lots and Live Streaming from Baden highlight the CEV Volleyball weekly content

CEV, Luxembourg. As a new season of the European Cups is getting nearer so the time  has come for teams from all over Europe and their fans to find out who they will be facing in the early stages of the competitions. The Drawing of Lots for the 2021 season of the European Cups will be live this Friday, starting at 12:30 CEST, on CEV Champions League Facebook page and official Youtube Channel.

At the end of the week, live Beach Volleyball will be back with the World Tour 1-Star Baden, with the full final match day being streamed on Youtube and EuroVolley.TV.  Also, as fans of volleyball will be used to by now, throughout the week new episodes of CEV’s original podcast will be released together with streaming of classic matches.

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The Volleyball Weekly Schedule: Content Release Dates 17 – 23 August

Monday – 17 August: The Ace Space Podcast: Tomas Rousseaux
Tuesday – 18 August: Classic Match – Moscow vs Conegliano 2017
Wednesday – 19 August: The Ace Space Video Podcast – Tina Graudina
Thursday – 20 August: Classic Match – Kedzerzyn-Kozle vs Civitanova 2018
Friday – 21 August: Live Streaming: 2021 European Cups Drawing of Lots
Saturday – 22 August: Classic Match – Italy vs Poland #RoadtoRio 2016
Sunday – 23 August: Live Streaming: 2020 World Tour 1-Star Baden


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