Draw Results for the CEV Cup and the CEV Challenge Cup 2021

CEV, Luxembourg. The Drawing of Lots of the CEV Cup and the Challenge Cup, for both women and men, that took place today in Luxembourg has set the stage for the early clashes in these two competitions that have garnered more and more success and captured the attention and passion of volleyball fans around Europe and the world. 

After the last editions did not find closure due to the ongoing situation, this year’s participants will be looking forward to a fresh start and renewed ambitions for a long journey in these European Cups competitions.

The CEV Cup

The 2021 edition of the CEV Cup features a 32-team draw per gender, including the losers from the early rounds of the CEV Champions League Volley and some clubs that have expressed their readiness to move from the Challenge Cup to the second most prestigious of the three European competitions. This means that the quest for the title will begin with the 16th Finals and continue all the way until the title-deciding matches.

The CEV Volleyball Cup Women – 16th Finals Matches
The CEV Volleyball Cup Men – 16th Finals Matches

The CEV Challenge Cup

As for the CEV Challenge Cup, the men’s competition will get underway with a single second-round double-header followed by the 16th Finals, since there are as many as 33 entries. As for the women’s competition, with 27 participating teams, the race to glory will begin with the 16th Finals, where five teams will enjoy a bye.

CEV Challenge Cup Men – 2nd Round double Header
CEV Challenge Cup Men – 16th Finals Matches
CEV Challenge Cup Women – 16th Finals Matches

In each of these competitions, all rounds will consist of home and away matches.




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