Croatian Volleyball Association Reaffirms Frane Zanic as President, Sets Ambitious Goals for Future

During the 22nd session of the HOS assembly, the Croatian Volleyball Federation confirmed Frane Zanic’s continued tenure as President. Zanic expressed his gratitude for the renewed trust, acknowledging the challenges and successes of the past year, including the loss of Ante Bakovic, a significant figure in Croatian volleyball. He emphasized the importance of focusing on younger players to strengthen both Croatian and international volleyball scenes. Zanic also outlined ambitions for the men’s team to qualify for the final FIVB Challenger tournament and eventually the World League, marking a significant achievement. For the women’s team, he highlighted the need for integrating younger players to enhance competitiveness in upcoming championships.

The Board of Directors, with Frane Zanic as president, includes Petar Sprcic as deputy, Josip Skoric as 1st vice-president, Vlado Bagaric as 2nd vice-president, and Zenka Urlic as 3rd vice-president. Board members also include Arduino Popovic, Zeljko Jurcevic, Dragutin Novak, Vladimir Brnecic, Vedran Juravic, Dusko Zivkovic, Kristina Krpina, Mladen Plese, Ksenija Vrzina, and Sandra Baturina.

This summer, Croatian volleyball anticipates the Golden European League for seniors. Croatia is set to host the Final Four of the Golden European League and the Challenger Cup, contingent on their victory. Other upcoming events include the cadet European Championship for women, the junior European Championship for men, and the European Championship qualifiers for senior women.