CEV commits to massive investments to help clubs cope with challenges ahead

CEV, Luxembourg. The CEV announced last week the start of the registration process for the 2021 edition of the European Cups, with a number of additional, exceptional measures approved by the CEV Board of Administration to support the clubs in their efforts to re-start activities and continue to perform on the international stage. To this extent, the CEV will continue to invest massively in the sport and actively help their stakeholders cope with the many challenges resulting from the coronavirus crisis. 

After endorsing the launch of an unprecedented € 11.5 million ‘Marshall Plan’ for European Volleyball back in April, the CEV Board of Administration approved at their last virtual meeting the revised budget for 2020 and the provisional one for 2021, thus re-asserting the clear intention to support members of the Volleyball family in such difficult times. 

More specifically, as far as the European Cups are concerned, the overall prize money at stake for the 2020 and 2021 editions combined stands at € 9.6 million – a terrific sum meant to reward the clubs for their results on the court but providing much-needed financial support in times of uncertainty as well. 

In addition to the allocation of such unprecedented prize money, the CEV will support the clubs in many other ways as well, including bearing TV production costs as well as reducing the fees due for international transfers of players within Europe.  

The long-standing sound financial position of the CEV allows not only for activities to resume – as long as it is safe to do so – and continue, but also to explore new ways to help members of the Volleyball family navigate these challenging times. 

Therefore, the CEV will continue to invest in Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball activities and programmes, while building on the strong sense of cohesion and solidarity as well as on the tremendous resilience that members of the Volleyball community have shown throughout the last months. 

CEV – European Volleyball