Calcit Volley Set to Host Exciting Opening Tournament of the MEVZA League

KAMNIK – The picturesque town of Kamnik is gearing up to host one of the three key tournaments in this year’s Central European Volleyball League (MEVZA), spanning from Tuesday to Thursday.

This prestigious league, featuring ten clubs from across Central Europe, will commence with an electrifying match on Tuesday at 20:30, where the local favorites, Calcit Volley, will take on Amstetten. The Kamnik Sports Hall is set to become a hub of high-level volleyball, with Wednesday’s game at 20:00 pitting Amstetten against Croatian team Ribola Kastela, followed by a showdown on Thursday at 19:00 between Calcit Volley and Ribola Kastela.

Fresh off their eighth consecutive win in the domestic league, Kamnik’s squad is riding high on confidence. “While our recent performances have been slightly below our usual standard, maintaining motivation in every game is a challenge. Nevertheless, our entire roster got a chance to shine, which is crucial ahead of the demanding MEVZA league matches,” commented Mladen Kasic, Calcit Volley’s head coach.

The Kamnik team faces a hectic schedule with limited training opportunities. Their MEVZA opponents, however, may have a slight edge in this aspect. Austria’s Amstetten, despite their struggles in their national league with just one win in six games, are anticipated to pose a significant challenge. Meanwhile, the Croatian squad from Kastela, despite a recent 1-3 setback against Zagreb’s Mladost, has shown strong form with six initial wins in their league.

This season in the MEVZA League sees the absence of last year’s champions ACH Volley, leaving Calcit Volley and Merkur Maribor as the Slovenian flag-bearers. Merkur Maribor is set to kick off their campaign on Wednesday in Zagreb against Zadruga Aich/Dob, followed by a match against Mladost. The league also showcases talent from Croatia, Hungary, and Slovakia, with teams like Mursa Osijek, MAV Elöre-Foxconn, Rieker Komarno, and Spartak Myjava adding to the mix.

The league will progress through its second round from December 5th to 7th, and the third round is slated for January 23rd to 25th. The final rounds are scheduled for February 13th to 15th, culminating in a grand tournament, with the host and dates yet to be announced. This MEVZA tournament in Kamnik not only sets the stage for thrilling volleyball action but also marks the beginning of an intense and exciting season.