Bekescsaba beat Mladost

ZAGREB – Volleyball players from Mladost Zagreb were defeated in their hall by the Hungarian team Bekescsaba at the opening of the new MEVZA season.

The girls got into the match very well and took a high lead in the first set, but after a drop in concentration and several mistakes, the first set was lost.

In the second set, a great fight was seen, but the local players still lost it, even though they were leading 20:18.

Mladost did not give up even in the third part of the game, they reached the end of the set in an equal with the result 21:22, but again they lost the set, and the match.

“I congratulate the opponents. Today, unfortunately, we did not show our game. I hope that we will play much better in the next game,” said the coach of the home team, Miodrag Stojakovic.

This is how local player Katarina Pavicic commented on the defeat.

“I’m very sad because we lost today, but we played well. We lacked energy, but today we already have a new game and we have to concentrate on it,” said Pavicic, who was the most effective player for Mladost with 19 points.

“We entered the match very badly. Mladost played very well in the first set. After a few changes and a better serve and reception, we raised our game. The result is not realistic because the fight on the field was incredible. Congratulations to everyone,” said the winner’s coach Gabor Toth.

Mladost volleyball players are already playing their second game today at 18:30 against the Slovenian Calcit.