From Saturday to Monday the women’s U19  Middle European Championship will be hosted by Hungary’s Dunaújváros, which is just 50km away from the capital city of Budapest. Just as in the men’s tournament in Slovenia, also in Hungary seven national teams will compete.

The tournament will begin on Saturday with a match between Slovakia and the Czech Republic at 9:30 in the morning. An hour later, players from Austria and Hungary will have the floor, followed by a match-up between Israel and Croatia. In the afternoon the women of Slovenia and Czech Republic, and Austria and Slovakia will face each other. First day of competition will be concluded with the evening round, where Israel and Slovenia, and Croatia and Hungary will compete.

Seven matches will also be played on Sunday and Monday and the best team will be decided through the win and loss ratio, after all teams have played against each other.

This tournament is of utmost importance for the national teams and their coaches, as it is not just the already traditional Middle European Championship, but also the last international competition before the first round of European Championship qualification begins in January. 

Schedule, Results and more info:

Photo Credit: Volleyball Federation of Hungary