Source: CEV Volleyball. Sometimes opportunities may arise unexpectedly. The coronavirus pandemic may have brought competitive sport – including Volleyball – to a standstill across the globe, yet it does not prevent us from venturing into exciting projects and taking a new path when engaging with the fans. Earlier this week, the CEV launched The Ace Space, a volleyball podcast that brings the top players, coaches, commentators and analysts in European Volleyball together for conversations about sport and life off the court. 

The CEV Digital Team will produce and publish episodes on a regular schedule, i.e. every Friday and Monday, with these available on Apple and Spotify, thus providing you with stories, discussions, and maybe a few jokes that will give you a front-row seat into the world of professional Volleyball.

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After a short episode 0 providing you with a taste of what the podcast is all about, episode 1 features one of the world’s top Volleyball players, USA’s Jordan Larson, who discusses and shares the life of a pro, which has taken her to play in countries as diverse as Russia, Turkey and China. Larson had planned to retire from competitive sport after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but the postponement of the Games to the summer of 2021 has somehow prolonged her career for at least another year.

While we encourage you to stay tuned and follow the next episodes, we want you to be more than just listeners, so if you have something you want us to discuss, or a player/coach you want us to ask to join us on The Ace Space, please do not hesitate to get in touch (

Source: CEV Volleyball