The CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ continues to gain momentum in Croatia – where most recently, namely this past Wednesday, the Croatian Volleyball Federation ran a Volleyball masterclass at the premises of the Tituš Brezova?ki elementary school in the country’s capital, Zagreb.

The Croatian Volleyball Federation did not choose this school by chance – since activities start there at a young age. Some 30 pupils joined the event playing a number of Volleyball matches and learning technical skills as well. The Dinamo Volleyball club works closely with the school, whose PE teacher, Mr Gudelj, is a big Volleyball fan.

This is just one of many activities organised by the Croatian Volleyball Federation to inspire and grow the next generation of Volleyball players – with all actions run in close cooperation with their partners at the Croatian School Sports Federation.

CEV – European Volleyball
HOS – Volleyball Croatia