MEVZA Championship 2022

Mevza Koper Portoroz 2022 men & women

Mevza koper Portoroz 2022

Portorož and Koper are hosting the first tournament of MEVZA championships in 2022. The tournament started in groups, the winners went directly to quarterfinals, while second and third teams, played an extra round to join the winners in the quarterfinals.

U16 Women winners of groups:

  • Group A: Donko/Marovt SLO
  • Group B: Petrikova/Svobodova CZE
  • Group C: Veselko/Gorenc Valenta SLO
  • Group D: Blatnik/Kodrun SLO

U16 Men winners of groups:

  • Group A: Kantos/Christou CYP
  • Group B: Kolev/Boyd AUT
  • Group C: Pavlusek/Pišek CZE
  • Group D: Mozina/Sponer AUT

U18 Women winners of groups:

  • Group A: Posedel/Kalar SLO
  • Group B: Juri?/Pangerc SLO
  • Group C: Berger/Hohenauer L. AUT
  • Group D: Hohenauer E./Grafik AUT

U18 Men winners of groups:

  • Group A: Westphal/Rydval CZE
  • Group B: Drager/Meier AUT
  • Group C: Laufer N./Lafer R. ISR
  • Group D: Jericha/Kvicala CZE


MEVZA Championships day 2

On day two the tournament started with the elimination phase with the matches between teams positioned 2nd and 3rd in the groups. In the afternoon quarterfinals started with nice weather and ended with the 2 hours brake on the final matches in the U16 tournament in Portorož, because of  the storm. However we ended the matches in the evening with the teams reaching the semifinals:

  • U 16 Women: Donko/Marovt SLO, Blatnik/KodrunSLO, Kališova/Kralikova CZE, Petrikova/Svobodova CZE
  • U16 Men: Cestnik/Kilinger SLO, Mozina/Sponer AUT, Pavlusek Plšek CZE, Kolev/Boyd AUT
  • U18 Women: Posedel/Kalar SLO, Hohenauer E./Grafik AUT, Berger/Hohenauer L. AUT, Juri?/Pangerc SLO
  • U19 Men: Westphal/Rydval CZE, Neunhoffer/Writz AUT, Laufer N./Lafer R. ISR, Drager/Meier AUT



MEVZA Championships finals

Mevza Koper Portoroz 2022 men & women

A successful last day of the tournament happened in a sunny weather with a little wind giving some more space to the finals. The players were faced with the real beach conditions and they did a great job on the court. The tournament ended with a small awarding ceremony. The tournament organization committee would like to thanks all the athletes and national federations that joined the tournament on behalf of 30 anniversary of Volley club Portorož as the organizer and Beach volley klub Koper as a partner in the organization. Special thanks to all sponsors and communities of Koper and Piran that made possible the organization of this fabulous event for our young beach volleyball players. The results of the tournament by category:

U16 Women – Portorož

  1. place: Petrikova/Svobodova CZE
  2. place: Donko/Marovt SLO
  3. place: Blatnik/Kodrun SLO

U16 Men – Portorož

  1. place: Kolev/Boyd AUT
  2. place: Mozina/Sponer AUT
  3. place: Pavlusek/Pišek CZE

U18 Women – Koper

  1. Place: Posedel/Kalar SLO
  2. Place: Juri?/Pangerc SLO
  3. Place: Berger/Hohenauer L. AUT

U18 Men – Koper

  1. Place: Westphal/Rydval CZE
  2. Place: Drager/Meier AUT
  3. Place: Laufer N./Lafer R. ISR

Mevza Koper Portoroz 2022 men



MEVZA: Mladost perfect on home tournament

ZAGREB – Men‘s volleyball teams Mladost Zagreb and Mursa played against each other in the last game of MEVZA tournament in Zagreb.    Mladost emerged victorious