The Volleyball Federation of Slovenia (OZS) have successfully delivered a set of five on-line lectures specifically addressed to young Slovenian national team players and their coaches.

The physical training coach of the under-age Slovenian Volleyball teams, Rosana Krajnc, was the speaker for the introductory lecture on the topic of physical preparation and prevention, which took place on April 28. A day later, Sebastjan Mavri? delivered a lecture focussing on the understanding of Volleyball statistics. 

In the second week of the online programme, nutrition expert Matic Pusovnik spoke of sports nutrition, while Ana Oblak and her special guests, senior national team players Eva Mori and Jan Kozamernik, talked about relations with the media and the use of social networks. In the third week, finally, sports psychologist Tina Jeromen, who shed light on youth psychology in sport, wrapped up the programme of the ‘course’. 

The Volleyball Federation of Slovenia is satisfied with the response of their young national team members. The praise especially goes to the two youngest national teams, the U17 girls and U18 boys, whose members showed much enthusiasm and interest for the online lectures. 

The U18 are due to play their second-round European qualifier in August (TBC) against the national teams of Austria, Belgium and Latvia, while the U17 should face Czech Republic, Greece and Latvia in another qualifying event postponed to later this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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