TJ Ostrava just misses the CEV Challenge Cup 8th Finals

Panathinaikos AC ATHENS have reached the 8th Finals through a comprehensive 3-0 home victory (25-18, 25-21, 25-17) over TJ OSTRAVA after losing the first match (2-3) held last week in the Czech Republic.

Margarita Stepanenko, player of Panathinaikos AC: “We did a great job. We worked hard and prepared ourselves for today. We are ready for the next round, and I hope everything will be ok. We have on Saturday an important game against AEK and after that, we can think about the next round in the Challenge Cup.”

Apostolos Oikonomou, Head coach of Panathinaikos AC: “We know we have a good team, and we also knew that by playing well and with the fans on our side, we could get this win. We were concentrated and well prepared. It may look like an easy victory but it was not. We want to thank our fans for their support.”

Panathinaikos enjoyed the loud support of some 1,000 fans in their home match with TJ OSTRAVA 

Zdenek Pommer, head coach of TJ OSTRAVA: “Unfortunately, we did not manage to qualify for the next round. Although we started all the sets well, we could not keep the same pace until the end, except for the first one. Anyway, Panathinaikos has a good team and I wish them good luck for the next rounds.”

Sandra Kotlabova, player of TJ OSTRAVA: “We tried hard but we will not be the team that will continue to the next round. In terms of atmosphere, we knew the match was sold out and we expected such a crowd. It was fantastic.”

CEV – European Volleyball
CVF – Czech Volleyball

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