Women’s MEVZA League back after a year’s break – kick-off on Wednesday

The MEVZA League is going to resume on Wednesday, when the highly anticipated women’s season opener between VB NÖ SOKOL/POST (AUT) and Vasas Óbuda BUDAPEST (HUN) will be taking place in Vienna.

The kick-off should actually have happened in mid-September, but a COVID-19 outbreak resulted in the postponement of four matches. “I am particularly pleased that there will be another women’s competition this season after a year’s break caused by the pandemic”, MEVZA president Karl Hanzl explained.

FOTO © Florian Weikert
FOTO © Florian Weikert

Furthermore, the Men’s MEVZA League will continue on Wednesday as well. Union Raiffeisen WALDVIERTEL (AUT) will be hosting current table leaders VKP BRATISLAVA (SVK) and Slovenia’s national champions OK Merkur MARIBOR (SLO) will clash with TJ Spartak MYJAVA (SVK).


OK Merkur MARIBOR head coach Sebastijan Skorc: “After an exciting away win at Calcit KAMNIK past Saturday, we are fully focused on our first home match against Spartak MYJAVA. Although they lost against VKP BRATISLAVA on Friday, they have a very strong and quality team. It is certain that we can only win this game if we perform very well.


VKP BRATISLAVA middle-blocker Andrej Billich: “The win at TJ Spartak MYJAVA was a great start in our MEVZA League campaign. In the preseason we played against Union Raiffeisen WALDVIERTEL at a tournament in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we already know each other. We have definitely to prepare for the match very conscientious.”

Live streaming of all matches is available for fans to follow the competition as closely as possible.

Men’s MEVZA League

06.10., 19:00: Union Raiffeisen WALDVIERTEL (AUT) vs. VKP BRATISLAVA (SVK)
06.10., 19:30: OK MERKUR MARIBOR (SLO) vs. TJ Spartak MYJAVA (SVK)
09.10., 18:00: ACH Volley LJUBLJANA (SLO) vs. OK Calcit KAMNIK (SLO)
10.10., 18:30: UVC Holding GRAZ (AUT) vs. SK Zadruga AICH/DOB (AUT)

Match schedule 2021/2022 MEVZA League Men

Women’s MEVZA League

06.10., 19:00: VB NÖ SOKOL/POST (AUT) vs. Vasas Óbuda BUDAPEST (HUN)
09.10., 19:30: HAOK Mladost ZAGREB (CRO) vs. OK Marina KASTELA (CRO)
10.10., 18:00: OK Calcit KAMNIK (SLO) vs. Nova KBM Branik MARIBOR (SLO)

Match schedule 2021/2022 MEVZA League Women


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