Fantasy Volleyball – Get started now!

Starting now, MEVZA League 2021/22 allows everyone to prove their knowledge of the Middle European teams and individual players. With Fantasy Volleyball, you too can become a coach. Prove your Volleyball and MEVZA League knowledge and even win cool prices at

Enhance your volleyball viewing experience, manage your own team, interact with game play, players, and stats in real-time, compete against friends and the world, prove your coaching skills and league knowledge, earn rewards and bragging rights, connect with other like-minded sports fans, and be at the centre of the action with just a few clicks. With the start of this season, all this and more will be possible with Fantasy Volleyball.

Fantasy Volley is a web-based game that is as easy to play as it is fun. Before the start of each league round, each fantasy player assembles a new virtual team of real players. This team consists of seven players, whose real-life performances in league games earn you fantasy points. The better your players play, the more fantasy points you receive. The more fantasy points your team gains, the higher you place in round ranking and seasonal rankings. Fantasy players can earn virtual badges as rewards for special coaching achievements, and ranking leaders will even receive non-cash prizes.

Watch. Play. Win. What are you waiting for?

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