Czech duo back in the game at the Olympics

Perusic/Schweiner (CZE) celebrating 

Day 6 of the Men’s Beach Volleyball tournament was a positive one for the Czech Ondrej Perusic and David Schweiner, who finally made it to the courts at Shiokaze Park after Perusic’s positive test for Covid-19. Now, the Czech team started their Olympics journey in style, winning after a tie-break over the Mexican Gaxiola/Rubio.

The Czech duo, Perusic/Schweiner recorded first victory in their first appearence at Tokyo 2020. After dramatic last days, when Ondrej Perusic was tested positive for Covid, on Thursday the Czech appeared on the court to eventually beat at 2-1 the Mexicans Gaxiola/Rubio (17-21, 21-16, 16-14). After losing the first set, Perusic and Schweiner then tied the match, to emerge victorious after a nail-biting tie- break. Both teams performed equally on attack (31) and block (6), but Perusic and Schweiner could seize their opportunities and score more on their opponents’ errors.

“It’s difficult to describe this emotion to be finally playing at the Olympics! It is something amazing! In the past two weeks, we really didn’t know what to expect on the court, because we haven’t spent much time preparing together. The Mexicans are a really strong team, despite the fact that they don’t play that much.”

Ondrej Parusic (CZE)

CEV – European Volleyball
CVF – Czech Volleyball

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