1,700 kids join online challenge initiated by captain of Slovenian national team

Ljubljana, Slovenia. In an effort to inspire kids to play Volleyball and to promote the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ even in times of coronavirus, the captain of the Slovenian women’s national team, Eva Mori, recently initiated an online challenge, eventually joined by as many as 1,657 children from all over the country!   

Earlier this month, the city of Ljubljana was due to host the 2020 edition of the traditional autumn Olympic festival, where children and their parents were to have the opportunity to get familiar with Volleyball and know more about the CEV School Project or to hone their skills even further – for those who already know how to play the game.

Due to the rapid deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Slovenia, with a sudden resurgence in the number of infections from the novel coronavirus, the organisers decided to cancel the event at the last minute. The festival, therefore, became an online event, with children invited to perform Volleyball challenges prepared by the captain of the Slovenian women’s national team, Eva Mori.

Mori filmed a video with special drills that children of all ages can carry out in several different ways. The response was just overwhelming, with almost 1,700 kids accepting the challenge – which helped promote Volleyball and a healthy lifestyle even in such difficult times as those we are currently living in.

CEV – European Volleyball

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