CEV School Project back on track in Slovenia among other countries

CEV, Luxembourg. After a long break due to the coronavirus pandemic, activities linked to the CEV’s School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ are slowly but surely resuming in a number of countries, especially after pupils returned to school back in September following the end of the summer holidays. With the Belarus Volleyball Federation kick-starting the project last week with an action-filled day at a local school in Minsk (click here for further info), the School Project has inspired kids and their teachers in other countries as well – such as Estonia, North Macedonia and Slovenia. 

Back on September 23, the Estonian Volleyball Federation and the Tallinn University Volleyball Club visited Mäetaguse Middle School in the eastern section of the Baltic country. The kids participated in a practical class, full of fun exercises especially designed for beginners. The aim was to introduce Volleyball to kids, who had never played the game before. They – as much as their teachers – had loads of fun, with the school receiving Mikasa volleyballs provided by the CEV to continue with the organisation of Volleyball classes. 

Earlier this month, a similar action took place at Tabivere Middle School in southern Estonia. The little Tabivere School just started with Volleyball practices this year and they needed help to introduce the sport to different age groups, so that resulted in the organisation and delivery of as many as three sessions in a single day. Many kids expressed their wish to join Volleyball groups after that experience and they will continue their discovery of Volleyball during their next physical education classes as well. 

These actions involved some 100 kids at each venue. The children learned some basic Volleyball technical skills like passing, and played a number of fun games as well. Kids also received pictures of the national team, so they will be able to collect autographs of their idols at a later stage. 

The Volleyball club OK Forca Volej Ema from Skopje organised an event involving some 20 children aged 8-10 in the Macedonian capital, featuring a series of drills whereby the participants could learn more about the game and improve their technique. 

Moreover, the city of Ljubljana was due to host last week the traditional autumn Olympic festival, where children and their parents were to have the chance to get familiar with Volleyball and the CEV School Project and / or improve their Volleyball skills. 

Due to the rapid deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Slovenia, the organisers decided to cancel the event at the last minute. The festival, therefore, moved online, with the kids invited to perform Volleyball challenges prepared by the captain of the Slovenian women’s national team, Eva Mori. Eva filmed a video with special volleyball tasks that children of all ages can carry out in several different ways. Along with Volleyball-related tasks, young athletes could try themselves in challenges in other sports too. The response to the virtual event exceeded the expectations and it was another great way to promote Volleyball among the younger ones.

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