CEV EuroVolley 2021 Women to deliver unprecedented Volleyball experience

Belgrade, Serbia. A meeting involving high-profile representatives of the European Volleyball Confederation as well as of the four countries – Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania – due to host the 2021 edition of CEV EuroVolley Women took place earlier today at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. 

The attendees discussed, among many other things, the match programme as well as the transportation system across the four host countries, the promotion and ticket sale for the flagship event in women’s Volleyball as well as the organisation of the Drawing of Lots – which will be taking place after completion of the relevant qualifiers scheduled for early January 2021. 

It is the common wish of the CEV as well as of the host countries to develop new ways to engage with the fans, while taking into account the development of the coronavirus pandemic in the four nations hosting EuroVolley 2021 as well as across Europe. 

The next such meeting should be taking place at the end of October or the beginning of November in Bulgaria.

“We discussed the future of Volleyball. The time is critical right now, because of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. It is essential that sport continues to exist and we keep doing our work,” stated CEV Senior Vice-President Renato Arena. 

“First of all, I am happy that we managed to organise this meeting and to see each other in person. Mr Arena gave us plenty of ideas to think about, and presented us with very useful inputs regarding the organisation of the tournament. We discussed many topics and we had the opportunity to define what to do in order to develop this project and our structure in the right direction,” said Zoran Gajic, President of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia.

Gajic led the delegation representing the country hosting this meeting, which included Ivan Knezevic, Secretary General, Dejan Bojovic, Director of the Serbian senior National Teams, Dragutin Cuk, Technical Director, and Milan Vujacic, Coordinator of International Events. 

CEV Senior Vice-President Renato Arena, Managing Director Thorsten Endres, CEV EuroVolley 2021 Women Project Leader Maja Poljak and Marketing Advisor Zoran Avramovic composed the CEV’s delegation in Belgrade.  

Representatives of Bulgaria and Croatia at this meeting were Lubomir Ganev, President of the Volleyball Federation of Bulgaria, and Frane Zanic, Croatian Volleyball Federation’s Secretary.

Gabriela Bulgariu, representative of the Romanian Volleyball Federation, participated via video conference.

CEV – European Volleyball
HOS – Croatian Volleyball Federation

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