#HighlightWednesday continues on MEVZA’s Social Media channels

On Wednesday we saw another episode of #HighlightWednesday on MEVZA’s Instagram and Facebook, this time putting Hungary under the spotlight.

The highlight was featured on a total of 12 so called “stories”, which included questions in a quiz format to inform, but also challenge the viewer.
As MEVZA consists of 8 member countries, with different volleyball histories and backgrounds, the main idea of the #HighlightWednesday campaign is to inform ourselves about one another in a fun and challenging way that is also supported by photos providing slight hints at the correct answers.

Even, if one missed the Wednesday campaign, the stories can still be seen in the Instagram Highlights section.

After presenting the different volleyball disciplines (indoor, beach, snow), MEVZA as an organization, our competitions (Senior and Underage events in indoor and beach), it has been the turn to present our member National Federations.

The viewers and audience are encouraged to send us own suggestions what would be interesting topics to continue with our #HighlightWednesday campaign.
Suggestions for the next block of topics can be send directly in a message to our Instagram and Facebook channels or to our email: press@mevza.org.

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