Source: Calcit Volley.
Calcit Volley is once again launching a charity calendar, their annual action of kindness. This time they’re raising money for immobile elderly people in care of Kamnik Senior Citizens’ Home.

For a few years now, Kamnik’ volleyball players have been raising funds for a good cause by selling their calendar. This year their intention is to help senior citizens who are spending their autumn days at the Kamnik Senior Citizens’ Home. With the funds raised, they would like to donate an electromagnetic field therapy apparatus. The device has been on a wish list of physiotherapists working at retirement home for at least a decade, yet it has always been beyond their reach.

Do good and good will come back to you, believe in Calcit Volley, where they are, with the help of their fans, determined to fulfil the long-lasting desire of SCH Kamnik physiotherapists. More than half of their patients require most demanding medical care.

Many benefits of magnetotherapy

While walking is obvious for healthy people, it is the most common problem for the elderly. Difficult walking in the long run leads to a decreasing ability to move, resulting in reduced quality of life and often social isolation, in the extreme, immobility.

An electromagnetic device would help the elderly improve their functional fitness and psychophysical health, maintain mobility and live a better-quality life in general. The device would give them greater independence in meeting basic living needs and integration into retirement home’s life.

This device is versatile and useful for relieving joint pain, spinal pain, back pain, rheumatic disorders, arthritis, arthrosis, it is useful in the treatment of bone fractures, cardiovascular diseases, to improve blood circulation, for reducing stress, improving well-being and boosting energy, in fibromyalgia and in boosting the immune system. Athletes often use it in rehabilitation after sports injuries.

The charity calendar is available at Calcit Volley home games

Calcit Volley players got down to it as early as September, when they took photos for the charity calendar. Check the behind the scenes video at

All collected funds will be used to purchase an electromagnetic device. Their calendar is available at all home matches at Kamnik Sports Hall at a price of 10 € per copy. By prior arrangement, you can also get it at the club office.

Calcit Volley home games in 2019:

• December 1, 8:30 pm Calcit Volley [M]: ACH Volley [MEVZA]
• December 4 at 8:00 pm Calcit Volley [W]: PVK Olymp Praha
• December 7th at 8pm Calcit Volley [M]: OK Mladost Brcko [MEVZA]
• December 11 at 8pm Calcit Volley [M]: Sporting CP Lisboa
• December 14 at 7:00 pm Calcit Volley [W]: OK Bimal-Jedinstvo Brcko [MEVZA]