On Sunday, MEVZA began with a referee e-learning course that was created by its Referee Coordinator Laszlo Herpai. The participants have been given access to the first set of video questions and can submit answers until Sunday, May 10, when the correct answers will also be sent to them.

The invitation to participate in the online course has been sent to all international referees from MEVZA and some guest countries (BiH, ITA). Participation is voluntary and so far 45 out of 69 invited have joined. Already on the first day more than 20 referees completed the first questionnaire, showing that the program is appreciated and welcomed by the participants. 

Match video combined with challenging questions in the MEVZA e-course.

As of now, the project is only planned for the period, during which the volleyball season is suspended. However, if the feedback is positive, Laszlo Herpai sees a good chance of continuing with such education models after the uplift of restrictions and adds: “MEVZA follows the idea accepted by FIVB and CEV that in modern volleyball the using of technology is necessary. Not only on the court and in training, but in all aspects, which of course includes referee education. To improve the referees’ knowledge is a common task and we all need to work on it.”