The General Assembly officially confirmed and welcomed Cyprus as the 8th member federation into the MEVZA family. Statute updates included also the addition of Israel, who has already been accepted as a member and the expansion of activities related to beach and snow volleyball.

Past weekend MEVZA hosted its Executive Committee, Staff, and representatives from its member National Federations. In the pre-Christmas festive Vienna, the General Assembly confirmed the expansion of the MEVZA family to 8 member countries. MEVZA started with 6 founding members Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia; then first Israel and now also Cyprus have joined. Despite not sharing a border to fellow member national federations, there is a believe that both newer members are able to contribute events, especially in beach volleyball.
The next MEVZA beach event will take place already next weekend, when Ljubljana, Slovenia will host its “Winter Edition”.

Other main topics of the General Assembly were around updating the current MEVZA statute to add Israel and also feature Beach and Snow Volleyball. Following the guideline of the FIVB and CEV, MEVZA will also feature events and promotion of the younger and newer disciplines. In the most optimistic scenario, we could already see the first Snow Volleyball event in the next calendar year.