All three Austrian MEVZA Cup competitors made it to the finals of the Austrian Volley League. While SG VB NÖ Sokol/Post will face ASKÖ Linz/Steg, the mens competition will be a MEVZA-internal duel between last year’s champion Hypo Tirol Volleyballteam and Posojilnica Aich/Dob. The best-of-seven-series in DenizBank AG Volley League Men starts on the 06th of April in the JUFA Arena in Bleiburg. All matches will be live on ORF Sport+, the nationwide Austrian Sport-TV-channel. While Hypo Tirol wants to save the 10th national title, the guys from Carinthia are heading for the second victory after 2013. In this year’s MEVZA Cup Tirol defeated Aich/Dob in three straight sets, but it took them 6 matches to win the title in the last season.
In the Austrian Women Volley League the situation looks totally different. 50times Austrian Champion from NÖ Sokol/Post is runaway favourite. The girls form Linz didn’t win a single set against Sokol/Post during the season, but finished second overall and showed impressive matches on their way to the final. The best-of-three-series starts in the middle of April in Vienna.